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TOBE 2014 – 3rd BioEconomy Stakeholders' Conference

BioEconomy Stakeholders' Conference

"From sectors to system, from concept to reality"

Francesco Torrigiani

Francesco Torrigiani
Oxfam Italia - Partnership and Program Policy Unit

Since 1998 up to 2003 he has coordinated in Ecuador an international co-operation program for rural development with indigenous communities (Cotacachi) for Oxfam Italia.

Since 2003 up to 2014 has been regional manager for Oxfam Italia for Latin America, coordinating development programs in Ecuador, Haiti, Republica Dominicana, Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Brasil.

Actually, he is part of the Partnership and Program Policy Unit, as advisor for rural development and local products value chain.

Since 2009 until 2012 Francesco  has been a member of the Board of Supervisors of Oxfam Italia.

He has a master degree in Tropical Agronomy.



Global food security and Civil Society: some proposals from an International NGO.
Ant the main contents would be:
- The constraints to food security at global level: unfair food systems, price volatility, distorted use of natural resources (land and water). Highlights on biofuel UE policy in the framework of the global food security.
- Position of civil society:
i) highlights of Oxfam’s “Grow” campaing: the importance of Family Farming, the role of agroecology, the role of women within the global food security.
ii) highlights to Oxfam’s “Behind the Brand” campaign: what Oxfam asked to the mayor food companies, how the main food companies responded and committed.
- Brief references to Expo2015 statement on food security and to CSO
- Some highlight on the post 2015 co-operation Agenda.